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Article: Why the Tips of Your Houseplant's Leaves Are Turning Brown

Why the Tips of Your Houseplant's Leaves Are Turning Brown

Why the Tips of Your Houseplant's Leaves Are Turning Brown

Why is my once beautiful houseplant's leaves turning brown around the edges? Your plant is trying to tell you something is off with its living conditions. While hardy houseplants can handle a vast range of living conditions, non-hardy houseplants are more particular about their living conditions. Don't worry, we're going to share the 3 common reasons that cause leaves to develop browning around the edges and a few minor adjustments you can implement to spark more healthy, green foliage, growth!

Why the Tips of Your Houseplant's Leaves Are Turning Brown

Inconsistent Watering Habits

Like humans, plants are creatures of habit. They like a consistent water schedule -- with consistent amounts of water each time. With the exception of succulents, houseplants typically enjoy being watered every week. A general rule of "green" thumb, is to let the top 2" of soil dry before watering again. Understanding your specific plants watering needs is key to keeping your plants leaves from browning around the edges.

Ways to create consistent watering habits:
-- Create a watering schedule to designate one day as "watering day".
-- Water using the same watering can to assure the amounts are consistent from week to week.
Why the Tips of Your Houseplant's Leaves Are Turning Brown

Lack of Humidity

 As we begin to enter the dry fall & winter months, it's important to keep enough moisture in the air for your houseplants. The majority of plants are native to hot, humid, jungles -- it's important to replicate their native environment for healthy plant growth.

Ways to increase humidity:
-- Mist your plants with a spray bottle.
-- Use a humidifier. 
-- Put your plants in planters with pea gravel or pebbles.Why the Tips of Your Houseplant's Leaves Are Turning Brown

Over Fertilizing / Salt Build-Up in the Soil

While we recommend fertilizing your plant once a month with organic plant fertilizer, it's important to remember - a little goes a long way. Over fertilizing your plant will lead to salt build-up in the soil causing the fertilizer to burn the plants leaves & roots. We recommend reading our blog about how and when to fertilize your houseplants.

Ways to prevent over fertilizing:
-- Only fertilize once per month during your houseplants growing season.
-- Change your houseplants potting soil every year and half with organic houseplant potting soil.
-- Always read and follow the instructions on how to use your plant fertilizer.

Bonus Tip: Adapting With Your Plants

There is not a "one size fits all" solution with houseplants. Every plant is different and requires slightly different care. 

Ways to adapt to you houseplants:
-- Research your specific plant's natural living conditions and replicate these conditions as much as possible.
-- Monitor your plants - your plants will tell you if they're not happy (drooping/browning leaves are examples of your plant telling you it's not happy).

Have further questions about your houseplants? Contact our team of greenhouse experts here!

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