Fall Plant Care - Plant Parenting 101

The seasons are changing - and so are your plants. It's time to adjust your plant care to keep your plants smiling. Here are the 3 most important things (plus a special bonus tip) plant parents need to keep in mind during the changing seasons.

1. Bring Plants Indoors
If you moved your houseplants outside to enjoy the beautiful summer weather the past couple months -- it's time to bring them indoors. We recommend bringing all houseplants back indoors before the temperatures drop below 55°F. Before bringing them indoors, inspect the plant for any bugs -- if they're okay, it's time to bring them inside. If your plant has bugs, read this article on how to remove/care for plants with bugs.

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2. Sufficient Lighting Source
As days are getting shorter, your plants are starting to receive less light. You may need to move some of your plants closer to the window. The plants originally on your coffee table, now, may be better off on the windowsill. If you home is lacking in natural light, we recommend adding an indoor grow light to keep your plants smiling. Here are 5 houseplants that thrive during the low light fall and winter months.

3. Water Less Frequently
The majority of houseplants are entering their dormant season. During dormancy, they don't need to be watered as often. For example, Snake Plants are typically watered every 2 weeks during growing season -- during dormancy, they can be watered every 4 weeks. It's important to allow the soil to completely dry between waterings.

Bonus Tip: Pause The Fertilizing
It's time to cut back on feeding your plants. During winter dormant months, plants are consuming less nutrients. Fertilizing plants during winter months can cause a growth burst that is weak, leggy, and unnatural for the plant. Learn how and when to feed your houseplants here.


Have further questions about caring for your houseplants during the fall? Contact our team of greenhouse experts here!

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