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Article: How and When to Feed Your Houseplants

Joyful Dirt Organic Houseplant Food

How and When to Feed Your Houseplants

Have your houseplants been in the same soil for long time? If yes, they might be hungry for plant food! Over time, watering your plant drains out nutrients from your soil. Signs your houseplant could be in need of organic plant food is stunted or weak growth and/or yellowing leaves. We'll tell you how and when it's the best time to feed your houseplants.

When to Fertilize

A general rule of "green" thumb is to only feed your plants during their active season. For the majority of houseplants, that is during the spring and summer. However, there are some plants that actively grow during the winter months, so it's important to know your plants growing season. Feeding your plants during their dormant, or non growing season, will cause more harm then good by disrupting the plants natural growth cycle.

When feeding your plants, its important to follow the directions of your fertilizer to avoid over feeding the plant.

Joyful Dirt Organic Tomato and Herb plant food

How To Fertilize

There are a variety of different types of plant food. From liquid fertilizers to powders that are sprinkled on top of your plants soil. We recommend Joyful Dirt's Organic Houseplant Plant Food for all fertilizing.

One of the main reasons we enjoy Joyful Dirt's Plant Food is how easy it is to use. Simply sprinkle the powder fertilizer onto the plants soil and water your plant. Do this roughly every 2-3 weeks during your plants growing season and you'll begin to see enhanced plant growth.

All houseplant fertilizers should come with a instructions on how to use them. Unlike humans, plants don't grow bigger if their overfed! Follow the instructions carefully for maximum plant growth. 

Joyful Dirt Organic Plant Food

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