Most Popular Houseplants of 2020

With 2020 coming to a close, we've gathered up research to determine the top 5 most popular houseplants of 2020. These plants range from small, easy care, "beginner" plants to large, air purifying, houseplants. All these plants have the unique ability to look spectacular in any style home. Lets dive into the 5 most popular houseplants of 2020.

Most Popular Houseplants of 2020

#5. Calathea Houseplants

Low maintenance Calathea Houseplants

Calathea plants have a couple characteristics that make them an extremely popular plant to have in your home. Low maintenance, fast growing, and lush leaves are 3 reasons why these beautiful plants find themselves at #5 on this years list of most popular houseplants of 2020.

#4. Philodendron Houseplants 

Philodendron Swiss Cheese Houseplant

Coming in at #4 of the most popular houseplants of 2020,  the Philodendron. This plant is very popular for its large leaves & low maintenance characteristics. One of the most common Philodendron is the 'Swiss Cheese' plant. Commonly recognized for its unique slits in the leaf making it look like swiss cheese.

Philodendron Monstera Swiss Cheese Houseplant

3. Hoya Houseplants

Coming in at #3 this year, the Hoya plant. This plant has continuously found itself on the list of most popular houseplants for several years now. There are hundreds of different kinds of Hoyas, with one of the most popular being the beautiful heart-shaped Hoya.

2. Snake Plants

Plants For low light spaces
Rising up to #2 this year, Snake Plants. Snake plants are becoming increasingly popular over the years due to their ability to survive in areas that don't see lots of sunlight. Some of the most common places we see these plants are in bathrooms, offices, and bedrooms.

1. Pothos Plants

The #1 most popular houseplant in 2020, Pothos Plants. These plants come in a variety of shapes & sizes, from lush leaves to compact leaves, while being almost impossible to kill, low maintenance, and an excellent air purifier. These reasons are why these plants have bloomed to the #1 most popular houseplant of 2020.

Pothos Silver Splash Unique Popular Houseplants of 2020


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