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Article: 4 Tips To Keep Your Succulents Thriving During Winter

4 Tips to keep your succulents thriving during winter

4 Tips To Keep Your Succulents Thriving During Winter

As temperatures begin to cool, you might be wondering when should I bring my succulents indoors for the winter? This all depends on where you live, of course. To avoid damaging your succulents, they should be brought indoors before the first frost. Lets dive into some general rules of thumb to keep your succulents thriving during the winter months!

1. Time to cut back on watering.

Because the majority of succulents don't actively grow during the winter, resist the temptation to water them! We recommend watering your succulents once every 3-6 weeks. The majority of succulents are at risk of dying from being overwatered rather than underwatered. Overwatering your succulents can lead to root rot causing them to die. So for the next 4-6 months, lets cut back on the watering and our succulents will be ready to bloom come spring time! 

2. Giving your plants enough sunlight.

As days get shorter and nights get longer, it's important to take advantage of the limited hours of sunlight. Knowing your specific succulent's sunlight needs will help keep it smiling during the dark winter months. 2 types of plants that thrive during these low light days are Haworthia and Snake Plants. During the dark winter months, these plants will bring you the life and happiness you're looking for! If you have a plant that requires more sunlight, keep them a spot in your home that gets the most sunlight. Another option would be to purchase a plant grow light to keep your plants happy throughout the winter.

3. Expect leaf loss.

Don't push the panic button just yet! If you own a leafy succulent, it's normal for it to have the bottom leaves shrivel up or fall off. However, if you start seeing the top leaves shriving or falling it could be a sign of too much water. Monitor your succulent's leaf loss throughout the winter and adjust your watering amount accordingly.

4. Hold off on fertilizing until spring.

Succulents, contrary to humans, prefer not to be overfed during the long winter months. They should only be fertilized during the summer months when they are actively growing. If you fertilize succulents during the winter months, the leaves will tend to soft, squishy, and fall off. They are also at higher risk of root rot when they're fertilized during the winter. So lets do everyone a favor and overfeed ourselves during the winter, not our plants.

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