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Article: How We Ship Plants

How we ship plants

How We Ship Plants

After shipping plants across the country countless times, we've become one of the most trusted companies for delivering live plants. Backed by our satisfaction guaranteed + the beloved free shipping, we've found the best way to assure your plants arrive at your doorstep looking just as good as they do in the pictures. Here's how it works...

1. All plants are handpicked directly from our greenhouse by our team of plant experts.

Greenhouse For Shipping Live Plants

2. With protective packaging materials, your plants are bundled up and prepared for their journey to your home. 

Shipping Live Plants

3. Using express shipping, all plants are delivered to your door in 2-5 days using our trusted shipping partners.

4. All plants are backed by our 14-day satisfaction guaranteed. 99% of the time, your plants will arrive in perfect condition. What about the remaining 1%?

What if the shipping process gets the best of my plant? If that happens, we fix it. Be it a replacement plant, store gift card, or refund. Our #1 priority is to make sure you're satisfied with your purchase. If your plant arrives damaged, please take pictures & submit a contact us form, we'll happily assist you!

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