Watering Succulents in Pots Without Drainage Holes

Watering succulents in pots without drainage holes can be tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, you're going to love it! You'll no longer have to worry about water leaking all over your countertop, desk, or wherever you have your houseplants.

First Step: Use Well Draining Soil. When you buy our potted succulent plants, you won't have to worry about this step! All our plants are potted using our homemade soil mixture that allows more airflow and water can easily evaporate from. If you're buying your plants in growers pots, you'll need your own well-draining soil to repot the plant. You can purchase well draining succulent soil at your local nursery, or create your own! When creating your own, we recommend using a combination of gritty soil, pumice or perlite, & sand to keep the soil airy and fast draining.

Second Step: How Much, How Often? The 2 most frequently asked questions we hear when watering succulent plants is: How much water is enough and how often should I water? Lets start with the first question: How much water is enough? When watering, its important to cover the top of the soil, but avoid standing water in the bottom of your pot. Each specific succulent will require different amounts of water. We recommend always erroring on the side of less water because it's easier for succulents to recover from not enough water, compared to too much water. Signs of too much water may include, yellowing in the leaves, leaves become mushy or squishy, or the leaves begin to turn black. If you see these things happening, cut back on your watering to give your plant time to recover. 

Onto the next question: How often should I water? Similarly to the how much you should water, how often you water also depends on your specific succulent. Some succulents can survive being watered once a month, others once a week. How can you tell if your succulent needs more water? Signs your plant isn't getting enough water, its leaves are becoming brown and crispy, shriveled up leaves, or the leaves loose their firmness and begin to feel soft.

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"Great texture on these pots. Happy with my purchase and love the color as well. Makes my succulents look awesome. Will purchase from this amazing company again. Thank you 😊"

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