Tips For a Successful Houseplant Propagation

Whether you're propagating your houseplants by stem or leaf cuttings, here are some tips for a successful houseplant propagation...

1. Propagate From a Healthy Mother Plant
Give your new plant cutting a head start on their new life journey by using a cutting from an established, healthy, Mother plant.

2. Use a Soil-less Mix
Standard potting soil is typically too rich for new, tender, roots. We recommend using a mason jar filled with water to allow your new cuttings to develop roots. See propagation photo below.
Tips for a successful houseplant propagation

3. Use a Rooting Powder
While your new cutting can grow without any rooting powder, using it gives the plant a little boost and increases its chances of growing into an established plant.

4. Proper Lighting
New cuttings need all the tender lover & care possible to grow into mature plants. We recommend using a grow light for your cuttings for to provide ideal light conditions.

5. Have Patience
Growing plants from cuttings is a great, affordable, way to continue to add to your indoor jungle. It can take some time to perfect and every cutting might not be successful. By implementing these tips you'll increase your odds of turning a cutting into a beautiful, mature, houseplant!

Tips for a successful houseplant propagation

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