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Article: Factors to Consider When Buying Planters

Factors to consider when buying planters

Factors to Consider When Buying Planters

With thousands of different pots and planters to choose from, how do you know which is suitable for you? We're diving into some of the most important factors to consider when buying planters...

Factors to consider when buying planters

The Material of Your Planter.

Plastic, ceramic, terracotta, and wood are some of the most popular planter materials. You may be asking yourself, why is the material so important? Watering.

Materials like unglazed ceramic, terracotta,& wood help quickly evaporate excess water to allow your plant to "breathe". This is extremely important for plants that are at high risk of overwatering, like succulents.

Factors to consider when buying planters

Placement of Your Planter.

Not all planters are made to withstand outdoor conditions. If you're planter is going to be outdoors, it's important to buy one that won't be damaged from the sun, can withstand rainy days & is frost-resistant to avoid cracking during the winter months.

Almost all planters are suitable for indoors. When placing your planters indoors, we recommend buying planters with soft footpads on the bottom to avoid scratching/rubbing on your floor, countertop, etc. If your planter doesn't come with footpads, you can find them your local store.


Factors to consider when buying planters

Size & Weight of Your Planter.

It's important to plan out the size you'll need for your plants. How fast is your plant growing? For faster growing plants, you may want to buy a larger pot to avoid frequently repotting the plant. As a general rule of "green" thumb, We recommend buying planters that are roughly 1"-2" bigger than the current size of your plant. For example, for a 4" plant, a 5"-6" planter will allow enough room for continued plant growth.

A planter filled with soil gets very heavy, especially when the soil is moist. As the planter size increases, so does the weight. If you have any physical restraints, it's important to purchase a lighter planter to avoid injury. For large, light, planters we suggest any planter made of plastic.

Factors to consider when buying indoor planters

Other Factors to Consider:

  • Aesthetics: Search for your desired color, shape, & style planter.
  • Price: Typically, plastic & standard terracotta planters are going to be the least expensive. Prices will increase as the design gets more intensive & as the size increases.
  • Durability: How long do you want your planter to last? Months? Years? 
  • Eco-Friendly: Was your planter made with environmentally friendly materials? If you're unsure, please contact us!

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