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Article: Artificial Plants Buyers Guide

Artificial Plants Buyers Guide

Artificial Plants Buyers Guide

Are you looking to add some greenery to your home, but don't want the stress of live plants? Our expertly hand-crafted artificial plants & trees are perfect for you. Here's everything you need to know when buying artificial plants.

 Decorating your home with artificial plants and trees


Will your artificial plants & trees be hanging out indoors or outdoors? Not all artificial plants are made for outdoors. If they're going to be outside, it's important to purchase a UV resistant plant. These plants are crafted with high quality foliage that won't get damaged by the sun. Artificial plants can create a beautiful landscape outside your home without having to worry about the gardening maintenance.

If you're going to place your artificial plants indoors, look for areas that need some love. For example, your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or basement. You can brighten all of these areas with artificial greenery.


How large of an artificial plant or tree do you want? This all depends on where you plan on keeping it. All our artificial plants and trees come with exact measurements to assure your plant fits beautifully. We recommend measuring out where you want your plant to be before ordering to assure you'll be happy with your purchase. A benefit of artificial plants and trees is that you won't ever have to worry about it over-growing its space. You know the exact size of your plant... forever!


Realistic Texture

One of the biggest concerns when buying artificial plants is: Will the plant have that "real look"? A general rule of thumb for artificial plants is, the more expensive the plant - the more "real look" the plant will have. "Real touch" plants are crafted with the highest quality materials to resemble live plants. 


Decorating your home with artificial plants and trees is always very exciting. However, there are some important things to consider when doing so...

  • Put the "Art" in "Artificial": With thousands of different artificial greenery options, it's important to pick what's suitable for you. Are you looking for an item that's more subtle or an attention grabbing decorative arrangement? Find artificial plants and trees that fit perfectly with your home here!
  • Safety: Be aware of the plants surroundings. Whether it's children, candles, pets, fireplaces, etc. Remember to keep your artificial greenery in a safe place.


Do you love your artificial plant, but not the planter? While some of our artificial plants are shipped in a decorative planter pot, others are shipped in the standard black pot. For these plants, you can simply repot your plant into a beautiful planter to enhance the look! Here are our most recommended indoor planters for artificial plants.


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