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Brite Labs Saber POD FAQ's

  • Does this indoor grow light produce harmful UV rays? The Saber POD indoor grow light only produces 3000k warm white light. It does not produce ultraviolet light.
  • How far should plants be kept from the light? We recommend that the plants be kept at least 8 to 12 inches away from the grow light. We have designed the light so that you can conveniently modify the distance by adjusting the gooseneck arms to your liking.
  • Do these lights work with a smart plug or external timer?  No. This model features a built-in timer that can automatically turn on and off for your convenience.
  • How much will it cost to run this grow lamp? LED are more efficient than any other type of lighting, which basically means you pay less in power costs to get the same results. Running the SaberPOD for 12 hours a day every day, will cost you approximately $8.50 per year or about $0.70 per month.
  • This lamp got hot pretty fast, is it supposed to burn up like this? It is actually normal for the lamp to generate heat, particularly the tubes which are lit. The summer season, along with outdoor and indoor temperatures, is also expected to contribute to the heat. This is nothing unusual, and under no circumstances will this affect the lifespan of your LED lamp. Like any other lights in the household, the lamp will be hot, but its tripod stand and gooseneck shouldn’t be as hot as the lighted tubes. Rest assured that the lamp you received has undergone and passed all the necessary tests to ensure your safety.
  • How many lumens do these put out? Lumens measure how bright a light appears to the human eye. White and yellow lights will appear brighter as compared to blue and red lights. A high lumen value does not necessary mean that the light has the optimum color spectrum for growing plants. Thus we do not provide this metric on our grow lights. What is important to look out for is the color spectrum of the grow lights.

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