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Brite Labs Saber FAQ's

  • What are the different light colors for? What color and when do I use it? The blue LED lights are perfect for vegetative growth to nurture tall and leafy plants. The red LED lights, on the other hand, are ideal for budding and flowering plants. For enhanced results, you might want to optimize this at different stages in a growth cycle, however the reality is that plants grow and flower best with both blue and red light all of the time, so I would recommend to keep both lights on.
  • Will the indoor grow light stand without clamping it to something? The clamp is designed to keep the grow light steady when it's standing up and its arms are positioned accordingly. Without utilizing the clamp, the grow light may not be able to hold itself steady.
  • Does this indoor grow lamp product harmful UV rays? The Saber DUO only produces red and blue light. It does not produce ultraviolet light.
  • What is the maximum width of the clamp? The clamp will clip on surfaces up to 2.5 inches.
  • How far should plants be kept from the light? We recommend that the plants be kept at least 8 to 12 inches away from the grow light. We have designed the light so that you can conveniently modify the distance by adjusting the gooseneck arms to your liking.

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