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Article: How To Care For Your Anthurium

How to care for your live Anthurium plants

How To Care For Your Anthurium


These exotic houseplants have glossy heart-shaped leaves with a beautiful bloom that comes in pink, red, purple, or white. They can bloom all year long with enough light and water. The Anthurium originated in the South American rain forest so they thrive in high-humidity environments with a decent amount of shade.


Water Anthurium plants well and then allow the top two or three inches of soil to dry out before watering again. Over-watering causes yellow leaf tips and under- watering causes brown leaf tips.


Anthurium plants like as much bright indirect light as possible, but no direct sun. If there is insufficient light, an Anthurium plant produces fewer flowers and becomes thin and straggly, as the leaves stretch toward the light.


We recommend using organic potting soil when repotting your Anthurium. All fertilizers used should be diluted to at least 1/2 strength to avoid harming the plant. You should only use fertilizers during their growing season (spring and summer). It is not required to fertilize your plant, it may just grow at a slower rate.


Anthurium plants prefer temperatures 75°- 85° during the day and about 10° cooler at night. Temperatures below 50° slow the growth of leaves and flowers.


For the most part, a Anthurium plants are bug-free plant. The most common bug is the mealybug. If your plant obtains these bugs, we recommend lightly spraying them daily with mild, soapy water until all bugs are gone. For an in depth analysis on how to prevent and care for plants with bugs click here.


Naturally, old leaves will wilt and die as the plant grows. You can carefully remove these leaves making sure you do not damage the rest of the plant. If a healthy leaf is broken off, the plant will naturally grow back a new leaf to replace it.

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