zero-G Garden Hoses - Watering Reinvented.

We've all dealt with it, the "kink-resistant" garden hose that constantly kinks, the "lightweight & durable hose" that bursts after 1 use. Finding the right garden hose for you can be difficult, but once you do, it'll turn your garden chores into something you look forward to. Here's how zero-G garden hoses are taking the "work" out of yardwork...

Easy to Maneuver:
zero-G garden hoses are 50% lighter than traditional garden hoses allowing you to effortlessly maneuver the garden hose throughout your yard. The zero-G garden hose has a Tru-Flex™ Inner Core to help prevent kinking and allows it to coil up for easy storage when not in use.

zero-G Garden hose TruFlex

All zero-G garden hoses are also made with a G-Force™ High Density Jacket that resists leaks, abrasions, and punctures. This jacket also allows the hose to smoothly glide over surfaces without snagging or tearing.

Easy To Attach / Detach:
Never fight to attach or detach your garden hose again! With our new and improved ergonomic grips. zero-G garden hoses also include brass inserts to prevent corrosion at the faucet.
zero-G garden hose coupling

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Where to Buy:

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"Great texture on these pots. Happy with my purchase and love the color as well. Makes my succulents look awesome. Will purchase from this amazing company again. Thank you 😊"

Michelle -- Sitka Collection