Top Houseplants of 2021 - Year in Review

Houseplants are considered similar to pets -- we take care of them; they take care of us. They can transform your home from grey and dull -- to green and lively. Not only are houseplants aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide us with essential health benefits. The popularity of houseplants has drastically increased over the past 5 years. With another year in the books, it's time take a look back at the top houseplants of 2021. 

#5 Top Houseplants of 2021: Chinese Money Plant
The Chinese Money Plant makes the top houseplants of 2021 list for its unique and impressive foliage. Its rounded leaves look like medallions. Another reason the Chinese Money plant makes the top houseplants of 2021 list its incredibly easy to care for and pet friendly.
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#4 Top Houseplants of 2021: Snake Plant
Everyone loves a plant that's nearly impossible to kill, right? Snake Plants make their way to the top houseplants of 2021 by being one of the hardiest houseplants. Low lighting, infrequent watering, you name it - the Snake Plant can survive it! This plant is perfect for people with busy lifestyles, traveling, or beginning plant parents. Top Houseplants of 2021 - Snake Plants
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#3 Top Houseplants of 2021: Golden Pothos
The plant that truly takes care of you! The Golden Pothos makes its way to the top houseplants of 2021 by being one of the best air purifying houseplants. Vining from above, the Golden Pothos helps remove toxins from the air and produces fresh oxygen. It's also known to help people with allergies and asthma. With this plant, you get the best of both worlds - beauty and healthy benefits. 
Top houseplants of 2021 - Golden Pothos
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#2 Top Houseplants of 2021: Alocasia
We've personally nicknamed this plant Showstopper. Guaranteed to stand out from the rest of your houseplant collection. The Alocasia makes its way to the top houseplants of 2021 with its stunning elephant ear shaped leaves. Keep this plant in warm, humid, environments and it will show-off its beautiful leaves. 
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#1 Top Houseplants of 2021: Spider Plants
Do you own a pet or have young children running around your home, but still want houseplants? Look no further than Spider Plants. Spider Plants come in at #1 on the top houseplants of 2021. Spider plants have everything you're looking for when it comes to houseplants. They're pet & children safe, easy to care for, air purifying characteristics, and (most importantly) they're beautiful!
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