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Article: How To Create Your Indoor Jungle

How to create your indoor jungle

How To Create Your Indoor Jungle

 Whether your new to plants, or an experience plant parent, we're about to provide 'green thumb' recommendations to creating your indoor jungle.

1. Variety

The whole idea of an indoor jungle is to replicate nature with all types of plant species, sizes, colors, and shapes. The more variety you use to create your indoor jungle, the easier it is to mimic nature.

How to create your indoor jungle

2. Statement Plant

The key to creating an indoor jungle is having a large statement plant. This plant typically found on the floor your living room. It's important to find a statement plant suitable for your living conditions.

Houseplants we recommend for low light living areas include:

-- Snake Plants
-- ZZ Plants
-- Peace Lily

Pet-friendly houseplants we recommend:
-- Palm Trees
-- Ferns
-- Bromeliads

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3. Don't Shy From Artificial Greenery

Nowadays, artificial plants and trees are being crafted with high quality materials to make them look and feel "real". For areas that aren't suitable for live plant growth, such as a bathroom, faux plants will help complete your indoor jungle. If you're creating your indoor jungle on a budget, artificial greenery is a cost efficient way to do so! 

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4. It Doesn't Need to be Perfect

One of the most beautiful things about creating an indoor jungle is that everything doesn't need to be perfect. In nature, nothing grows perfectly. Plants and trees may end up dying off, but where one dies -- another one grows. Your plants may grow in odd ways or shapes, but that's okay! It's about creating a warm, cozy, area of your home to relax and enjoy the comfort of natures finest creations -- plants! 

Start creating your indoor jungle today!

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