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Posted by InSideOut on Nov 11th 2020

4 Health Benefits of Having Succulents & Cacti In Your Home

Do you want to enjoy the benefits from houseplants, but worried that your "green thumb" (or lack of) won't be able to keep them alive? You're not the only one! This concern has made Succulents and Cacti a regular household item. These beautiful plants are low maintenance, hassle-free, and still give you the desired health benefits of having plants in your home. Here are 4 health benefits of having succulents & cacti in your home!

1. Succulents Purify Your Air

Now you may have that plants purify air before, but wonder how? How can a plant make my air cleaner? Here's how: Succulent plants absorb volatile organic compounds (VOC's) into their leaves. They're then able to convert the VOC's into delicious plant food. But, the air purifying doesn't stop there. Unlike humans, succulents don't release carbon dioxide when they breathe. Instead they release clean oxygen to help freshen the air in your home!

2. Enhance Your Memory

There are many health benefits to interacting with plants, or nature in general. Whether it be growing the plants yourself, walking through your local plant nursery, or simply looking at pictures of plants. A study done by the University of Michigan, showed memory retention improving by up to 20% when spending just an hour in nature! This increase in memory retention can translate into improved work and school performance. By simply keeping plants in the most occupied spaces in your home, you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of memory retention.

3. Healing Abilities

Not only can succulent plants purify your air, enhance your memory, but they can also help heal wounds and burns! The most common plant with healing abilities is the Aloe Vera. In the same plant family, that provides similar healing abilities, is the Gasteraloe plant (a mix between the Aloe & Gasteria). Aloe Vera leaves are filled with a gelatin substance that is used to help cure burns, cuts, and skin irritations. In a study done by the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine, wounds treated with Aloe Vera decreased in size 25% faster! So the next time you get sunburnt or a cut on your finger, try applying a cream that contains Aloe Vera to help speed up the recovering time.

4. Plants Increase The Humidity of Your Home

Does your skin get constantly dry or itchy? Do you tend wake up in the morning with a sore throat? Succulent plants can help fix these problems! Try placing a Succulent plant on your nightstand, on your office desk, or wherever you spend the majority of your day. Plants increase humidity in your home through a process called evapotranspiration. Basically, watering is evaporated from the plants leaves into the air resulting in increased humidity levels. Some of the best plants to help increase humidity levels are the Spider Plant, Jade PlantsSnake Plants, and Rubber Plants.

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